Thursday, 26 August 2010


The world is facing so many disasters now a days . These are natural as well as man made disasters. One of the most horrible disaster which is caused by nature but a result of human activities is GLOBAL WARMING. We often listen or read about the global warming in our everyday life. We also talk about it , when there is no rain or when we feel too hot . But we don't actually know what is it ? What are its causes ? What are its effects ? Let's discuss about these points.
GLOBAL WARMING literally means the earth is getting heated unusually . Our atmosphere does not get heated by the direct rays rays of sun. Unless all the infrared rays which are responsible for heating , is being absorbed by the earth. The earth reflects some heat to the atmosphere so that the atmosphere gets heated . Some gases like carbon dioxide , carbon monoxide , cloro floro carbon etc causes green house effect. They don't let the infrared rays to pass through them. As a result the heat causing infrared rays cannot move to the outer space and the temperature of the earth,s atmosphere increases upto a high extent . This extreme heat causes many problem .
The increasing level of such green house gases are results of various human activities . From homes to industries , we produce these poisonous gases . And on the other hand we also cut down trees and forests . These trees and forests are the lifeline of all living beings . They purify air , bring rains and also cool down the earth . But due to our needs and foolishness we don't care these important feature . As a result we have to face various types of disasters like draught , flood etc. If the situation is going on , the prediction about 21 Dec. 2012 will be true , the world will be destroyed due to these disasters , because the ice on the poles will melt due to extreme heat and half of the world will drown in that water and rest will be destroyed due to extreme heat . So , being the most intellegent creature , it is our duty to Save the Trees .


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